Our Advanced Laboratory Provides Facilities to Meet Specific Client Needs

JENSEN HUGHES has both small and large scale fire test capabilities and evidence examination facilities.  The primary laboratory space consists of a 7,500 square foot high bay laboratory space used for intermediate and full scale fire testing and 2,500 square foot of additional laboratory space that is used for small scale fire testing, sample preparation, and material/evidence inspection.  Test capabilities within these laboratories include: standardized test apparatus, as well as specialized test apparatus, and enclosures that have been designed by JENSEN HUGHES to specifically meet client needs. JENSEN HUGHES uses state-of-the-art data acquisition equipment and software to gather and record data during testing. Data acquisition programs can be customized to ensure that the specific data needs of the client are met.

Picture_Section 1 Services_Forensic_Laboratory and Evidence ExamHigh-Bay Laboratory

The high-bay laboratory currently contains two different test cells, a moveable ceiling test apparatus, and a full-scale hood calorimeter.  The largest test cell covers approximately 1100 square feet with a maximum interior height of 12 ft.  This test cell has the capability to support both sub-floor and drop ceiling mock-ups and a range of ventilation schemes up to 45 air changes per hour.  The second test cell is a (3,531 cubic feet [100 m3]) test cell designed specifically for clean agent and aerosol suppression system testing.  Our laboratory also has a 50 ft by 12 ft moveable ceiling with full range of motion from floor level to an elevation of 22 ft.  The ceiling can be slanted in both directions, as well as support various beam configurations.  The high bay laboratory also contains a 10 ft square hood calorimeter capable of collecting and measuring fire sizes up to approximately 1 Megawatt (MW).  Other test apparatus used in the high-bay laboratory include an intermediate scale hood calorimeter capable of measuring fires up to 100 Kilowatt (kW) in size with enhanced resolution over the larger calorimeter, a plunge test apparatus used to characterized heat detection equipment response time index (RTI) (e.g., response to a range of temperature and velocity air flows), and an intermediate-scale furnace capable of replicating any standardized fire exposure curve on reduced scale test articles.

Small Scale Laboratory

The small scale laboratory contains a range of test apparatus and examination equipment including:

  • ASTM E1354 – Cone Calorimeter,
  • ASTM E1321 – Lateral Ignition and Flame Spread Test Apparatus,
  • ASTM D92 – Open Cup Flashpoint Testing,
  • Flammability,
  • UL 217 – Smoke Box,
  • SAIC (Model RTR-4) digital X-ray,
  • Digital stereoscope,
  • Ultrasonic cleaner,
  • Fourier Transfer Infrared (FTIR) analyzer for chemical species analysis,
  • CO, CO2 , O2 gas analyzers,
  • Array of standard fire test equipment (heat flux, pressure, smoke),
  • Tube furnace.

External LaboratoriesPicture - Section 2 - Forensic Services - Laboratory and Evidence Examinations

In addition to these in house fire test capabilities,
JENSEN HUGHES has developed working relationships with several neighboring fire test laboratories, capable of supporting larger, more expansive test series.

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