Modeling is the Future of Fire Protection Engineering

The prescriptive nature of the building codes does not always allow the elements that architects and building owners desire.  At JENSEN HUGHES, we use modeling to elevate fire protection designs and to demonstrate (often to the local Authority Having Jurisdiction) that the design meets (or exceeds) the intent of the building code.  Such an approach can save on construction costs or may allow the architect or owner to incorporate a feature into the building that would not otherwise be allowed.

At JENSEN HUGHES, our engineers use modeling for a wide range of design and forensic applications.     Our engineers remain on the cutting-edge of modeling within the fire protection industry by working directly with software developers of FDS, CONTAM, and buildingEXODUS.  In addition to publicly available software, JENSEN HUGHES has developed proprietary modeling software, including AgentCalcs and FSSIM.

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