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Research & Development and Testing Services

Applying Practical Science to Engineering Solutions

JENSEN HUGHES is unique in the field of fire science and engineering through our ability to develop, test, assess, and implement fire protection concepts and products through our testing capability. Whether it is a forensic issue, a new product roll out, or a special hazard requiring a unique fire protection strategy, JENSEN HUGHES has the testing capability and experience to solve the most challenging problem. Perhaps you are involved in an industry with a regulatory or code requirement which does not address your technology. Or, you have a new product but are unsure of how to gain approvals. You may have a new process or equipment design which isn’t considered in current code provisions. You are an architect or engineer who requires acceptance testing of a smoke control system. An accident has occurred which requires a thorough, unbiased technical analysis. JENSEN HUGHES can help solve your problems through our testing capability and experienced, internationally recognized staff.

Our broad testing capability is demonstrated by our:

  • In-house laboratory facilities
  • Breadth of technical areas of expertise, from basic and developmental work through prototyping and commercial applications
  • Experience in working for and with the world’s leading fire protection laboratories and agencies
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct tests at around the world and under a broad range of conditions
  • Results which are reflected in product approvals, code changes, and acceptance by regulatory and approval authorities
  • Cutting-edge development and application of the science and practice of fire protection engineering as demonstrated by numerous awards and citations

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