Fire Detection System Performance is Integral to Building and Life Safety

Automatic detection systems are a primary line of defense to protect life and property against fire and other hazardous conditions.  JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff provide comprehensive field and laboratory evaluations to quantify the performance of fire and gas detection systems.

Performance evaluations allow system designers, manufactures, end users, and standards and listing organizations to optimize detection systems for specific applications. Services include:

  • Evaluation and design of detection performance in unique environments or applications
  • Comparative detection technology performance evaluations, including;
    • Comparable equipment from multiple manufacturers
    • Spot smoke, aspirated smoke, beam smoke, video smoke detection systems
    • Optical flame and video imaging flame detection systems
    • Spot and linear heat detection systems
  • Optimization of alarm threshold settings and siting requirements
  • Response evaluation for novel detection technologies or alarm algorithm development
  • Quantification and characterization of alarm responses for modeling inputs
  • Nuisance alarm rejection evaluation
  • R&D for codes and standards development and modification

JENSEN HUGHES has the capabilities to objectively design, conduct, and evaluate large and small-scale evaluations of detection performance.

Example Projects:

  • UK – Fire detection and suppression systems on the Eurotunnel heavy goods vehicle (HGV) in the Channel Tunnel
  • U.S. Navy
    • Evaluation of existing and new heat and smoke detection systems for magazine/ordnance cargo areas aboard ships
    • Full scale tests to compare heat and smoke detection technologies using various fires and ventilation conditions
    • Developed use of multi-sensor, multi-criteria fire detection with video-based smoke and flame detection
  • Evaluation of various flame detection technologies for industrial applications, including oil & gas refineries and aircraft hangars
  • Active Telecom facility fire detection tests for early smoke detection.
  • Development of modeling correlations between smoke source and detector response function for very early warning fire detection (VEWFD) in IT facilities

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