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Fire Resistance Rated Assemblies Contain Fires to the Space of Origin

JENSEN HUGHES is unique in the field of fire science and engineering through our ability to combine our in-house research & development (R&D) testing capabilities along with our strong working relationship with commercial fire testing laboratories to provide a level of research and product development unparalleled in the fire protection engineering field.  JENSEN HUGHES has the distinct advantage of having on-site laboratory facilities and instrumentation available to conduct a variety of testing programs.

Fire Resistance Testing

Picture_Section 1_Services_FRDT_Fire ResistanceJENSEN HUGHES is not a commercial testing laboratory; however, we routinely utilize our in-house testing capabilities to assist our clients in screening new products and testing their products for code compliance prior to actual large-scale fire testing.  Utilizing our extensive fire resistance testing experience, we can design experiments to isolate specific material fire performance characteristics to provide an indication as to large-scale fire performance.  Small-scale testing can also be used to evaluate different assemblies or combinations of materials in a system to provide data to support fire performance when tested at the larger-scale.  In many cases, the small-scale data developed in our laboratory can be used to supplement an engineering analysis allowing for the extrapolation of results or to justify the substitution of components within a system.  By properly designing a test or series of tests, valuable fire performance test data can be developed which can aid in gaining a wider code acceptance of a product, system, or assembly than would generally be obtained from only conducting large-scale fire resistance testing.

Fire Resistance Test Furnace

Picture_Section 2_Services_FRDT_Fire ResistanceHoused in our 10,000 ft2 testing laboratory is a small-scale fire resistance test furnace capable of subjecting a 4-ft square sample to the fire exposure conditions simulating a cellulosic based fire described in ASTM E119, UL 263, and ISO 834 as well as the flammable liquids pool fire exposure conditions specified in UL 1709 and ASTM E1529. Test samples can be mounted either horizontally on top of the furnace or vertically on the front furnace face to represent the field installation conditions.  Test samples can also be loaded during the fire test to simulate the impact of live and dead loads on the material performance.  The fire resistance of the sample is monitored using a wide variety of instrumentation (e.g., thermocouples, linear voltage displacement transducers (LVDT), and heat flux transducers) connected to a data acquisition system.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have used this furnace to evaluate the fire performance of loaded composite panels subjected to the UL 1709 hydrocarbon curve and to evaluate the heat transfer through a simulated ventilation duct wrapped with a ceramic fiber insulation material.

Fire Testing Support

JENSEN HUGHES engineers regularly assist clients in the development of fire resistance testing programs for the ultimate purpose of gaining product code compliance and approval.  With valuable experience gained while working for commercial testing laboratories, JENSEN HUGHES knows what is required to develop, coordinate, and execute the test of an assembly at a commercial testing laboratory.  Our fire protection engineers can coordinate with you the client and the commercial fire testing labs to ensure the proper testing is conducted and in a manner that will result in a successful test permitting you to bring your product to market.

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