Fire Suppression System Design Testing

Research and Development Testing for a Wide Range of Suppression Systems

JENSEN HUGHES has vast experience in the testing of fire suppression systems.  This experience includes:

  • Development testing of novel systems,
  • Evaluation testing to determine the optimal system for use in novel or existing applications,
  • Third party approval and certification testing (including UL Listing and FM Approval tests), and
  • Fundamental research and development tests of fire suppression systems.

Development Testing

Picture_Section 1_Services_FRDT_Fire Suppression SystemsJENSEN HUGHES has performed development tests on a wide variety of novel and standard fire suppression systems to determine the design parameters and application range over which these systems can successfully perform.  These tests have been performed on a variety of scales ranging from bench scale to full scale, involving enclosures ranging from 1.2 m3 (42 ft3) to 500 m3 (17,600 ft3) with test fires ranging in size from 5 kW to 5 MW. Various fire type classes have been evaluated, including liquid fueled pan fires, spray fires, plastic fires, and electrical cable fires.  These tests have led to the successful deployment and acceptance of novel systems involving clean agent systems, water mist systems, foam systems, and aerosols.

Evaluation Testing to Determine the Optimal System for Use in Novel or Existing Applications

JENSEN HUGHES can outline the fire suppression system options and the pros and cons of each system for a particular application, a common procedure for fire suppression system design.  However, in many cases, the evaluation cannot be completed without further investigation of a particular application due to the need for refined design parameters to ensure successful application of the system considered or the need for further evaluation of corollary effects (thermal decomposition product formation, collateral damage, etc.).  A series of tests specific to the application and systems considered can be performed to complete the evaluation.

Third Party Approval and Certification Testing

Picture_Section 2_Services_FRDT_Fire Suppression SystemsIn order to obtain third party system approvals, fire suppression equipment manufacturers are typically required to perform series of tests in accordance with the published standards of the approval agency (Underwriters Laboratories and Factory Mutual for example).  These tests generally verify the minimum agent application rate or concentration and the system design parameters over-which the suppression system can be successful.  JENSEN HUGHES has assisted many equipment manufacturers in performing these tests and obtaining the desired approvals.

Clean Agent System Design Software

Total flooding clean agent systems are required to submit their design software for verification testing by both FM and UL as part of the Listing/Approval process.  JENSEN HUGHES has developed design software that is currently UL Listed and FM Approved for use by several clean agent system manufacturers.  The software is licensed to the equipment manufacturer for this purpose.  The verification testing required by the UL and FM standards are performed in conjunction with the equipment manufacturer.

Fundamental Research and Development Testing

JENSEN HUGHES conducts fundamental research and development testing on fire suppression systems.  This testing is designed to better understand the extinguishment mechanisms involved in the application of fire suppression systems, to develop improved application methods, and to improve system performance and reliability.

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