JENSEN HUGHES is using predictive data analytics to support clients in the evaluation of large data sets in decision making. We have a group of statisticians, mathematicians, and computer scientists that develop customized solutions to your big data related problems. This includes:predictive data analytics

  • Synthesizing data sources
  • Processing through multiple analytics tools
  • Machine learning for application specific problems
  • Assimilation of results to form learned outcomes
  • Construct effective end-use monitors to assess potential issue occurrence
  • Use results to inform decisions

JENSEN HUGHES has worked with numerous clients to understand their data, safety issues, and process. Using this information, our staff identifies the most appropriate data analytics tools and provides effective full-suite software solutions that can be used to make decisions. We are knowledgeable and have implemented a range data analytics tools including:

  • fault tree analysis,
  • probabilistic risk analysis,
  • Bayesian belief models, and
  • artificial neural networks.

Examples of Applications:

  • using data analytics with large modeling data sets to validated models and determine belief
  • machine learning on model and real data to provide new, more robust predictive tools
  • artificial intelligence for robotic systems
  • development of vision systems for object recognition in cluttered, complex environments.

Brian Lattimer Presenting ESCHER During Office of Naval Research 70th Anniversary Event

Shipboard Autonomous Firefighting Robot – SAFFiR


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