Manufacturers Must Navigate the Codes, Standards and Required Test Protocols Affecting their Industry

We help our clients navigate the landscape of national and local codes and standards that affect their industry in the present and the future.  JENSEN HUGHES addresses regional or national issues that require special attention from the codes and standards community.  We can introduce and coordinate acceptance of sound, technically-based code revisions and we will work with building owners, manufacturers, technical committees and local code enforcement officials to establish appropriate safety and performance objectives.  JENSEN HUGHES has earned a reputation as a trusted expert among regulators, legislators, and inspectors. As members of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the International Code Council (ICC, publishers of the I-Codes), ASTM International and other regulatory organizations, our scientists, engineers and consultants participate in the development of code and fire safety requirements.

Codes and Standards Development Process

JENSEN HUGHES staff of code professionals are active participants in the codes and standards development process.  Starting with the three legacy code making bodies, and continuing on with the ICC, our staff has advanced fire safety and represented our client’s interests by providing code representation and submitting and defending changes to the language of the codes and standards.  JENSEN HUGHES staff was extensively involved in the initial International Building Code (IBC) development hearings and our involvement has continued throughout the most recent code development cycle of the I-Codes.  JENSEN HUGHES also provided extensive input into the development of the NFPA 5000 building code.

In preparation for each new round of code development hearings, JENSEN HUGHES staff meets with our clients to discuss potential changes to the codes which will result in more technically substantiated requirements aimed at improving fire and life safety.  JENSEN HUGHES develops, reviews, and submits the code changes prior to the code hearing meetings on behalf of our clients.  Prior to the meeting, JENSEN HUGHES staff reviews all proposed changes and determines what proposed changes we can support and which ones we will oppose.  All proposed changes and testimony (in support and against) utilizes good engineering science and technically substantiated information as the basis for our testimony.  By being an active participant in the code development process, we routinely meet with other affected stakeholders to discuss the potential changes to garner support for our position and increase the probability of a successful change.Picture_Section 1 - Services_Product Development & Support for MFGs_Code Representation

In some applications preparation of an engineering judgment is a more appropriate or expeditious approach than proposing a code change.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have successfully prepared engineering judgments that have been approved by code officials.

Evaluation Services Hearings

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Product Development & Support for MFGs_Code RepresentationImportant topics are regularly included in Evaluation Services’ hearing agendas which may impact our clients. JENSEN HUGHES staff regularly testifies in front of the Code Committees in order to dissuade proposed changes due to faulty or incomplete technical rationale or present our clients position for the change by presenting and discussing the supporting technical documentation.  Our regular attendance at these Evaluation Services hearings has resulted in occasions where JENSEN HUGHES staff members are called to testify on topics that we have no client interest in, but the Code Committee needs an unbiased, trusted technical expert’s opinion on the subject matter being addressed.

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