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JENSEN HUGHES’ experienced staff of engineers prepare engineering judgments to assist our clients in resolving construction related issues, including unique applications that require innovative use of existing products.  Designed systems occasionally must deviate from a tested and listed system; field conditions sometimes preclude installation exactly as tested or designed; or mistakes during construction result in installations that do not match the designed systems.  When these situations arise, a technically sound engineering evaluation demonstrating an adequate level of performance will be provided can be the key to gain approval from code officials and keep the project on schedule.  In many cases, these engineering judgment letters are stamped by a licensed Professional Engineer prior to being submitted to the local building official for acceptance.  When required, JENSEN HUGHES engineers will meet with the local code officials (Authority Having Jurisdiction, or AHJ) to review the documentation and discuss the technical rationale used to support the conclusions.  These face to face meetings build needed trust with the code officials and typically lead to a successful resolution for our clients.

Designs that Deviate from the Listed Assembly

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Product Development_Engineering JudgmentCode requirements and listed construction assemblies are based on prior construction needs and experience in the built environment.  Innovative building designs at times will have no exact matches for listed construction assemblies to achieve compliance with prescriptive construction code requirements.  We are actively involved in the code development process and we provide services to manufacturers in evaluating, testing and obtaining approvals for construction products and assemblies.  This background enables JENSEN HUGHES staff to efficiently determine the best available options that are commercially available as a starting point for the new application.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers work with our clients to design variations of the listed assembly that fit the unique aspects of their project, or to utilize features of multiple listed assemblies to conservatively substantiate a new design.   In conjunction with the new design, JENSEN HUGHES engineers prepare engineering judgments to show that the proposed design and use will result in a level of safety and performance that meets the intent of the applicable codes and standards.

Installations that Deviate from the Approved Design

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Product Development_Engineering JudgmentField conditions and/or construction errors sometimes result in an installation that does not meet project specifications and/or the design that was approved by the AHJ.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers have practical field experience evaluating installations and comparing them to listed assemblies.  Our staff evaluate the as-built condition and utilize existing testing data from similar systems or tested assemblies containing similar components to determine the expected fire performance.  Using the testing data in conjunction with our extensive testing experience, we evaluate the anticipated fire performance of the installation.  When an acceptable level of technical justification is available to support the expected performance, HAI prepares engineering judgment letters which describe the field condition(s) and provide the technical justification for the expected level of performance.

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