It Takes More than a Great Product to get Construction Assemblies Approved

Code officials and construction professionals rely on evaluation reports of construction products, systems or assemblies to confirm their suitability for use in the specified application.  JENSEN HUGHES engineers review and evaluate project specifications, manufacturer’s literature, and field conditions to determine if rated products, systems, and assemblies are compliant with the applicable construction code requirements.  Our familiarity and experience in dealing with evaluation service organizations leverages our fire protection expertise and experience in the product development, fire testing and code development arenas to successfully guide our clients through the process to approval, with the project goals clearly in view.

Building Conditions

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Product Development_Evaluation ServicesJENSEN HUGHES provides design and review evaluation services throughout the project life cycle, including during the conceptual design phase, during construction, or during renovations where the field conditions may not match the anticipated designed conditions.  In instances where the proposed design does not comply with a recognized tested and/or listed system or assembly, our staff prepares engineering evaluations to demonstrate whether the system or assembly can be expected to provide the required level of protection in that application.  Existing testing data from similar systems or tested assemblies containing similar components can be used to determine the expected fire performance.  Computer fire models may also be utilized to substantiate the fire performance of an assembly by evaluating individual component performance.  When an acceptable level of technical justification is available to support the expected performance of the designed or installed system, JENSEN HUGHES prepares engineering judgment letters which describe the field condition and the technical basis for the expected level of performance.

Listing Agency Evaluation Reports

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Product Development_Evaluation Services

Code officials regularly request evaluation reports developed by a recognized Evaluation Service provider (e.g., ICC-ES, IAPMO, Intertek, UL) describing the applicability (and limitations) of a product for use in accordance with the construction codes requirements.  JENSEN HUGHES assists our clients in determining the appropriate code requirements for the products usage and develops a testing program that will produce the required test data to substantiate the product’s performance.  This data is then transmitted to the Evaluation Service to initiate the evaluation report development.  JENSEN HUGHES works directly with our clients and the Evaluation Service to answer questions regarding the product usage, prepare additional technical justification to substantiate the products usage, and reviews draft reports for accuracy.  Once finalized, JENSEN HUGHES staff works with our clients to address field questions related to the use, applicability, and limitations of the evaluation report to specific situations.  Renewals and updates to these reports are managed by experienced JENSEN HUGHES staff in order to maximize the acceptance by the project design team.

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