Products and Systems Must be Tested to Meet Code Requirements

The construction codes require specific standard fire tests be conducted on discrete products, systems, and assemblies to ensure the minimum required level of fire performance can be provided.  Our world-renown staff of engineers and scientists regularly design and conduct these tests to meet the code requirements in the areas of materials performance and flammability, fire resistance, and structures for a code-approved system. We perform standardized testing as well as develop and conduct specialized testing to meet specific client needs in our on-site laboratory as well as in specialized outside laboratories.

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Product Development & Support for Manufacturers_Testing ServicesStandardized Fire Testing

Our experienced fire testing staff are industry leaders in the development, conduct, and evaluation of standardized fire tests.  We regularly work with our clients to determine the appropriate tests that need to be conducted for a specific product or assembly in order to demonstrate code compliance.  After a preliminary analysis, we develop a testing plan, coordinate the testing with a code-approved commercial testing laboratory, oversee construction when requested, and witness the qualification testing.  Based on the testing results, we typically prepare engineering analysis reports describing the testing conducted, the test results, the intended product usage, and the code requirements to demonstrate compliance.  In many cases, we can design the test program to allow for interpolation and/or extrapolation of the testing results to justify a broader application than tested.

Custom Fire Testing

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Product Development & Support for Manufacturers_Testing ServicesMany engineering analysis reports prepared by our fire testing staff require specific data to substantiate compliance with the intent of the construction code regulations.  JENSEN HUGHES uses our in-house testing laboratory and other partner test facilities to generate the needed engineering data.  Our testing capabilities include standard small-scale testing apparatus such as the ASTM E1354 Cone Calorimeter and the ASTM E1321 LIFT Apparatus.  Large-scale testing apparatus capabilities include the NFPA 286 Room Corner apparatus (and the associated oxygen-depletion calorimeter) and an intermediate-scale ASTM E119 Fire-Resistance Furnace.  Additionally, we can design and conduct small, medium, and large scale experiments to meet your needs.

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