Timely Approval of Designs and Installations are Critical to Project Schedule and Budget

Obtaining third party approvals to ease and expedite the specification and approval process has a direct impact on winning projects, and ultimately supporting end-user budgets and schedules.  JENSEN HUGHES’ staff of experienced engineers and scientists support our client’s needs when working towards obtaining product evaluation reports, product or assembly design listings, required engineering judgments for specific installations, or required variances to address specific project issues.

Evaluation Reports

Picture_Section 1 - Servivces_Product Development & Support for Manufacturers_3rd Party ApprovalsOur staff of engineers and scientists assist clients in the development of code approved evaluation reports provided by Evaluation Services organizations such as ICC ES, IAPMO, ATI, Intertek, PEI, QAI Laboratories, etc.  JENSEN HUGHES initially reviews all the applicable code requirements (I-Codes Series, NFPA, etc.) specific to the product to be evaluated with our clients to assist in assembling and submitting the evaluation report application and supporting documentation.  When required, JENSEN HUGHES meets with the Evaluation Service personnel to discuss the product usage and limitations as permitted by the code and the desired report format.  JENSEN HUGHES then assists with the final report format by reviewing the report and providing any necessary comments or clarifications requested by the Evaluation Service.

Design Listings

Picture_Section 2 - Services_Product Development & Support for ManufacturersJENSEN HUGHES’ fire testing experts work with our clients and the listing organization personnel (UL, Intertek, ATI, QAI Laboratories) to discuss the intended product usage and establish what testing we believe is required to demonstrate the product fire performance.  Once the testing is completed, JENSEN HUGHES personnel assist the client in completing the Quality Manual with the listing organization as well as assist in drafting the listing text and layout.  Support in maintaining the listing over the life of the product includes evaluating changes in the raw material suppliers, recommending re-testing due to major supplier changes or in response to formulation changes.  JENSEN HUGHES’ engineers also prepare testing plans aimed at developing engineering data to evaluate the impact of minor changes in product formulation or manufacturing.  This data is used in engineering judgment letters to support the minor changes in the product that do not affect the fire performance of the finished product.

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