The JENSEN HUGHES Security Difference

JENSEN HUGHES uses a comprehensive approach to security consulting services to ensure all security elements work together for a robust and cost effective approach specific to each client’s needs. JENSEN HUGHES’ security reviews and designs create a “concentric layers of protection” approach. JENSEN HUGHES’ evaluations explore the interior and exterior built environment from a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) perspective. JENSEN HUGHES considers site perimeter, access points, core asset distribution, physical security, electronic security, key control, guard force management, workplace violence, policies, procedures, training and more. To work effectively, these diverse elements must function like one to form a comprehensive security program. This holistic approach to security explores facility physical environment design options first, and then looks at electronic security solutions to supplement a good security design.

Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)

JENSEN HUGHES is an established leader in CPTED evaluations. CPTED is based on the principle that behavior, both normal and abnormal, is heavily influenced by the natural and built environments. Appropriate changes made to a facilities’ environment can make staff members feel safe and secure while providing a powerful deterrent to intruders. Those same changes can also increase productivity and profitability. CPTED seeks natural alterations to the environment that help to control access, improve area surveillance, and convey a strong sense of ownership and control. JENSEN HUGHES utilizes this powerful tool as a starting point in the development of a dynamic security program.

Security Needs Assessments

Picture_Section 2- cameraJENSEN HUGHES’ Security Needs Assessments process provides decision makers with an audit of environmental conditions as they exist today and future implications based on the site design, access, and nature of facility operations.  It addresses the opportunity for the identification of security strengths and weaknesses and provides recommendations for improving these conditions through corrective security countermeasures. The resulting report will summarize all findings and provide recommendations, ranked according to priority and urgency, to enhance existing security principles and practices.

Security Technical Review Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES performs evaluations of security systems, physical and electronic, as they relate to system operation, technology capability, interoperability and the appropriate application and use of security technology. The resulting report will summarize current functionality findings and provide recommendations to enhance existing security systems. Survey findings are detailed and recommendations ranked according to priority and urgency. Associated cost estimates are provided where required.

Security Master Planning

JENSEN HUGHES’ team of security professionals provides decision makers with the potential to reduce waste and redundancy through the development of security master plans. This process evaluates short and long term planning requirements that relate to facility infrastructure, policies, procedures, security operations, and existing security systems. Once complete, this plan ensures that short-term plans and changes including security systems design and equipment acquisitions integrate fully with future long-term plans and growth requirements.

Security Related Training

JENSEN HUGHES specializes in developing a cost effective blend of physical and electronic security systems, technologies, plans, policies and procedures that help organizations deal effectively with current or anticipated threats. These initiatives have little value if staff behavior is not appropriate to the threat and fully integrated with existing countermeasures. JENSEN HUGHES is a leader in developing effective customized training programs on a variety of topics including security awareness, workplace violence, security force development, emergency response programs and more. Quality training is the cornerstone of loss prevention and the creation of a safe and secure workplace.

Policy & Procedure Development

JENSEN HUGHES evaluates existing security policies and procedures to guide the development of new, improved documents that are consistent with organizational mission, core values, and objectives. Policy and procedural development includes an analysis of security programs from an administrative and operational perspective. Their evaluation explores physical and personnel security issues and operational practices. It can be used as a basis for evaluating the existing security program for consistency with organizational goals and best business practices.

Security Loss Prevention Audits

The greatest risk to corporate assets often involves theft and asset diversion. JENSEN HUGHES’ security consultants can minimize that risk by evaluating current practices along with the effectiveness of operational policies and procedures that relate to the control and management of assets. Consultants identify and address security systems and program deficiencies to develop and promote sound security standards and practices to effectively mitigate these risks. A detailed report describes audit results and response options recommendations for correction.

Litigation Support

JENSEN HUGHES supports litigation efforts through research and analysis of security incidents and related issues that pertain to liability and negligence. JENSEN HUGHES’ consultants evaluate all aspects of security incidents, including program deficiencies that may have contributed to the loss.

  • Expert Witness

JENSEN HUGHES’ diverse team of security experts provides expert witness testimony regarding a broad range of security topics. Consultant expertise includes the use and application of industry security standards, the application of security technology, the appropriateness of the security operations, environmental conditions and more.

  • Technical Investigations

JENSEN HUGHES performs evaluations of security incidents as they relate to system operation, technology capability, and the appropriate application and use of security technology.

Code and Standards Compliance Analyses

JENSEN HUGHES security consultants perform complete reviews of applicable security standards to ensure that current programs and existing systems comply with industry practices and guidelines. Reviews address life safety, electrical systems, Underwriters Laboratories (UL) requirements, manufacturer installation, and general building code standards.

JENSEN HUGHES utilizes in-house fire protection expertise, in combination with security staff, to ensure that security programs and systems do not conflict with life safety requirements, including the NFPA 101, The Life Safety Code®.

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