Concentric Layers of Protection

JENSEN HUGHES has extensive experience in the design of electronic security system solutions (PACS, VSS, IDS, ECS), asset protection systems, Security Management System (SMS) and Physical Security Incident Management (PISM) integration concepts. bigstock-Closeup-Of-Security-Turnstile--29654054JENSEN HUGHES’ security designs involve a “concentric layers of protection” approach. The firm provides expertise in system-engineering criteria; systems design integration and concept methodology.   In addition, JENSEN HUGHES prepares complete bid/specification package documentation as well as security console and control room designs. complete systems engineering specifications and design-drawings for electronic security systems, security management systems and complex security system designs.  Our engineers develop project cost estimates based on system and program requirements, including equipment, labor, installation, project management, and contingency fees.

Code and Standards Compliance Analysesbigstock--D-plan-drawing-16851848

JENSEN HUGHES performs reviews of new designs, and existing systems, for compliance with applicable national/local codes, listing requirements, manufacturer installation requirements and industry best practices and guidelines.  If not addressed, requirements for security can easily conflict with requirements for life safety. It is critical that such conflicts be identified early in the design process. JENSEN HUGHES utilizes in-house fire protection expertise, in combination with security staff, to ensure that security designs, systems and programs do not conflict with life safety requirements, including the NFPA 101 Life Safety Code.

Construction Period Services

JENSEN HUGHES provides comprehensive management and technical oversight of security engineering design efforts from concept through commissioning. Specific efforts include support and monitoring of installation/design-build efforts to ensure compliance with design requirements outlined in specification documents.  Construction period services include:

  • Bid Reviews and Evaluations
  • Submittal Reviews and Approvals
  • Requests for Information (RFIs)
  • Change Order Requests (CORs)
  • System Commissioning and Acceptance Testing Support

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