Why are security gap assessments so important?

The goal of security in the built environment is to deter, delay and detect unwanted actions imposed by hostile individuals upon your people or property. It is important that organizations meet the best-practices and industry standards of their peers, because that is how liability is determined when an incident occurs. Benchmarking how the security systems and programs employed at your property stack up against industry standards, peer organizations, and comparable facilities may be a key concern of senior management and will help organizations understand their vulnerabilities.

A security gap assessment, or benchmarking, involves:

  • Informing senior management on current security program effectiveness
  • Driving security improvements based on metrics and direct comparisons
  • Comparing actual performance with desired security
  • Implementation and adjustment of current security resources

Internal Benchmarking

  • An internal security analysis will take an introspective view of security effectiveness from the perspective of your employees, tenants or other stakeholders.
  • The internal benchmark can provide statistical data on how each site is operating across your organization. It will also allow an organization to make an educated business decision towards the standardization of security systems, policies and security operations.
  • The resulting analysis measures the effectiveness of the overall program and stakeholder buy-in of security recommendations.

External Benchmarking

  • An external security analysis will compare security at your facility to those of your peer organizations. This can also help validate budgetary constraints that a client may be facing. For example, if your peers are spending twice as much on security, that can justify a budget increase to C-suite executives.
  • JENSEN HUGHES creates customized questionnaires, designed to elicit security challenges similar to those facing your organization.

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