Security master planning protects people and property.

Security master planning is the process of identifying an organization’s security goals, priorities, strategies, programs and processes to ensure a secure operation. JENSEN HUGHES’ security master plans assess the interrelationship of operational, architectural, and technological elements within a facility. These elements are critical, and if the proper care is not taken to analyze all three, the program’s overall effectiveness is weakened.

Our comprehensive approach reduces both capital costs at the outset, and long-term operations and maintenance costs, while still meeting security performance criteria.

A basic understanding of an organization’s needs, concerns and issues, as well as their existing security standards are imperative to the development of a successful security program.

Security Master Plan Standards Include:

Where owners do not have existing security standards, JENSEN HUGHES will define those standards through the master planning process, which includes:

  • Threat, Vulnerability and Risk Analysis
  • Review security policies, procedures and operations
  • Identify existing security systems and their associated interfaces
  • Recommend implementation of physical, technical and operational security and risk mitigation solutions

We understand that there is no uniform master plan that can be applied to all facilities within an organization, and that master plans should be a living, evolving document.

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