Security Program Management

JENSEN HUGHES’ evaluations examine the whole security environment as a dynamic function; from site access (credential & key control), core asset distribution, physical and electronic security to guard force management, workplace violence, policies, procedures, training and more. To work effectively, these diverse elements should constantly be reviewed, assessed for functionality and updated to ensure all elements function as one to form a comprehensive security program.

Security Program Assessments

Picture_Section 1-Physical_security_access_control scannerJENSEN HUGHES’ Security Assessments examine current security conditions, existing security system’s design, along with the strengths and weaknesses of the overall security program. The resulting report summarizes all findings and provides recommendations to enhance existing security principles and practices. Survey findings are detailed and recommendations ranked according to priority and urgency. Associated cost estimates are provided where required.

  • Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Plan Review

Emergency planning, crisis management, and business continuity planning are critical to the survival of any business. HAI’s evaluation process increases the company survivability and reduces the client’s vulnerabilities by reviewing and updating: emergency policies and practices, emergency equipment standards, partnerships, response teams, training, and program audits.

  • Policy & Procedure Assessment

JENSEN HUGHES evaluates existing security policies and procedures from an administrative and operational perspective to ensure documents remain consistent with organizational mission, core values, and objectives. The evaluation explores physical and personnel security issues and operational practices. These evaluations can be used as a basis for evaluating the existing security program for consistency with organizational goals and best business practices.

Security Technical Review Analysis

JENSEN HUGHES performs evaluations of security systems, physical and electronic, as they relate to system operation, technology capability, interoperability and the appropriate application and use of security technology. The resulting report will summarize current functionality findings and provide recommendations to enhance existing security systems. Survey findings are detailed and recommendations ranked according to priority and urgency. Associated cost estimates are provided where required.

Security Training

JENSEN HUGHES specializes in developing a cost effective blend of security systems, technologies, plans, policies and procedures that help organizations deal effectively with current and anticipated threats. These initiatives have little value if staff behavior is not appropriate to the threat and fully integrated with existing countermeasures. JENSEN HUGHES is a leader in developing effective, customized training programs on a variety of topics including security awareness, workplace violence, security force development, emergency response programs and more. Quality training is the cornerstone of loss prevention and the creation of a safe and secure workplace.

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