Threat and vulnerability assessments are an essential part of an effective security program.

JENSEN HUGHES provides comprehensive threat and vulnerability to mitigate risks for facility owners and managers. Owners and managers want to provide the most effective security program possible when buildings are built or renovated, to protect their greatest assets. In today’s ever-changing security climate, property owners and managers are concerned about their ability to respond in an emergency.

JENSEN HUGHES aligns the level of security with the industry norm using best-practices and meeting a typical standard-of-care to reduce liability. An effective security program is a balanced arrangement of physical, technical, and operational security. What constitutes an appropriate balance varies from one property to another. A thorough understanding of the security threats and vulnerabilities present is key to developing that balance, and is always the first step in developing a robust security program.

It is crucial to understand what threats you face, and it is the critical first step in assembling the proper security program for your property.

Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Our threat and vulnerability assessments include the following tasks:

  • Identifying Needs, Locations, and Functions
  • Recommending Systems considering Future Growth and Backward Compatibility
  • Proposing Recommendations and Updated Standards that are Economical and Sustainable
  • Ranking Implementation Strategies and Propose a Timeline for Implementing/Phasing
  • Cost / Benefit / Risk Analyses of all assessment data
  • Developing a Budgetary Estimate with Annual Operation Costs

These assessments result in recommending upgrades and improvements to limit losses and minimize business continuity disruptions.

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