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Our Commitment

JENSEN HUGHES continues to lead the next generation of safety and analysis software by building accurate, fast and creative solutions for our clients. We believe in creating a user experience that focuses on how our customer’s actually work, not how we assume they work. This is accomplished by direct communication, fostering customer partnerships, accountability and transparency.

The following are key elements to our success:

Knowledge Management

  • 20+ years of software development in highly technical markets
  • Consistently applied best practices and feedback mechanisms
  • Quality Control Program

Skilled Resources

  • Experienced and diverse development staff
  • Exceptional engineering and sciences bench strength
  • Dedicated staff supporting software project management and business continuity
  • Data logistics team providing back-end configuration, data modeling, and validation


  • Agile development methodology tailored to specific project needs
  • Voice of Customer – continuous accountability
  • Re-investments in technology that drive ideas to solutions

Our vision is to gain a direct and deep understanding of our customer’s technology needs and long-term goals, nurture these ideas then build high quality solutions meaningful to their business.

Risk Management & Fire Protection Software Solutions

  • PARAGON® – Industry leading software for configuration risk management
  • ARCPlus™ and ENDSIGHT™ – Fire protection in nuclear power plants
  • Risk Visualizer™ – Web-based application to communicate risk insights
  • Plant Data Management System (PDMS) – A sophisticated database application that manages and analyzes existing configuration and new designs to continuously keep the System Owner, Engineers, and the workers in the field working as a team.
  • Spectra Software Application (SPECTRA) – Management System of Earthquake motion records for facility use.
  • Fire Protection Suite (FPS©) – Software used to manage and store client fire protection program information in a unique location.
  • Flow Calcs and AgentCalcs Software – The software provides Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) a fast method to accurately calculate fire suppression systems via an intuitive user interface and a flexible, multi-phase, fluid-flow model capable of predicting single-phase (gas or liquid) and multi-phase flow.

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