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Based on the philosophy of providing Operations and Engineering with the right information at the right time, the ENDSIGHTTM Software Suite has been designed to assist in the management of increasingly complex elements of a plant Fire Protection Program. The management of routine tasks such as site monitoring activities, and handling of impairments and compensatory measures is significantly simplified with ENDSIGHT.

By using the concept of dependencies to relate fire protection systems and features, and logic rules to prescribe compensatory measures, a comprehensive and consistent management of day-to-day activities associated with the plant fire protection program can be achieved.

The ENDSIGHTTM Software Suite consists of four key interfaces:

  • Fire Protection Desktop
  • Fire Protection Status Panel
  • Impairment Analysis Dashboard
  • Impairment Planner & Planned Impairment Editor

Use the image slider below to view screenshots of the application’s user interface:

ENDSIGHT consists of a SQL Server database and user interface designed to run in a Microsoft Windows environment and perform standard database maintenance and report printing functions.

ENDSIGHTTM provides the following key features and capabilities:

  • Fire Protection Desktop
  • Fire Protection System/Feature Impairments
  • Automation of Prescribed Compensatory Measures
  • Permitting: Transient Combustibles, Hot Work and General Permits
  • Impairment Analysis Dashboard
    • Provides multiple views of key information over a period of time, such as availability, reliability, functional failures, time out of services, performance indicators by system, etc.
  • Fire Protection Status Panel
    • User interface to retrieve live data from the plant
  • Impairment Planner and Planned Impairment Editor
    • Outage Planning
    • What-if Scenarios
    • Impairment Simulator
  • Impairment Log
    • Provides a tool to meet the regulatory requirement to log impairments when they are initiated and closed.
  • Work Flow Processes
    • Role Based Permissions and Promotions
    • Impairment Notifications
    • Email Notifications
  • Reporting and Drill-Down Capabilities

Use the image slider below to see screenshots of the ENDSIGHTTM software user interface:

ENDSIGHT Startup Screen

ENDSIGHT Startup Screen

Endsight Impairment Screen

ENDSIGHT Impairment Screen

Fire Protection Impairment Planner screen

ENDSIGHT Fire Protection Impairment Planner screen

endsight impairments reports

ENDSIGHT Impairments Reports

endsight impairments report

ENDSIGHT Impairments Report

Fire Protection Status Panel Screen

ENDSIGHT Fire Protection Status Panel Screen

endsight impairment viewer window

ENDSIGHT Impairment Viewer Window

endsight transient combustible permit

ENDSIGHT Transient Combustible Permit

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