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Fire Protection Suite (FPS©) is a web-based application used to manage and store client fire protection program information in a single location. JENSEN HUGHES has provided FPS software at various nuclear power plant utilities over the last 20 years, including the Exelon Fleet, the Duke Energy Fleet, and Entergy.

The software contains a multitude of modules, including but not limited to:

  • Administration
  • Combustible Loading Manager (CLM©)
  • Hot Work Manager
  • Fire Protection Data

The FPS modules would work in concert to help manage the fire protection program by automating processes and creating systematic approaches for permitting, managing plant data, and reporting.

Key functions of FPS© software application include:

  • FPS would have multiple levels of access permissions via an access rights function built within the Administration module. Access rights provide levels such as “No Access,” “Read-Only,” and “Full Access” for the various types of data entry and permit functions.
  • Plant data loaded into FPS (unit/building/fire area/fire zone descriptions, combustibles, etc.) would be editable by users with the appropriate access rights. This does not include the interactive drawings.
  • FPS would provide an automatic email notification process, controlled via an email matrix.
  • FPS would utilize interactive drawings to “point and click” the plant area to be selected.
  • FPS would be web-based and be hosted internally on client facing systems or hosted remotely by JENSEN HUGHES.

Fire Protection Suite (FPS)

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