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Clean Agent Flow Calculation Software

JENSEN HUGHES is the leading provider of custom clean agent flow calculation software in the world. The software includes an intuitive user interface and a flexible, multi-phase fluid flow model capable of predicting single-phase (gas or liquid) and multi-phase flow. Since its initial release in the early 1990s, the capabilities of the clean agent flow calculation software have been continuously improved and expanded to include new agents and design capabilities.

The software has been used successfully for all commercially available clean agents, including halocarbons (FK-5-1-12, HFC-227ea, HFC-23, HFC-125) and inert gases (IG-01, IG-100, IG-541, IG-55), as well as CO2. The software is customized to the client’s specifications and includes the client’s name, logo and hardware information.

The software has been repeatedly tested and found to be satisfactory as part of equipment manufacturers’ product development efforts. JENSEN HUGHES has assisted its clients in obtaining approvals from UL, FM, LPCB, KFI, and other agencies for a variety of agents and delivery systems.

We can provide a wide range of services and support related to the development and approval of clean agent systems including:

  • Coordinating with the listing/approval agencies to develop software with the required features to meet the needs of our clients and the marketplace.
  • Supporting the verification of flow testing required for many approvals and can conduct the tests in our laboratory or support testing conducted at the client’s facilities.
  • Conducting fire extinguishment, nozzle distribution, and cup burner tests.

AgentCalcsTM Software

The AgentCalcsTM software is a line of generic software that is intended to provide approval and review authorities a calculation capability similar to that available to designers. AgentCalcs can also be used for conceptual design, but is not intended for system design since the software is not customized for specific hardware.

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