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The PARAGON® software program is an enterprise-level software tool for truly risk-informed decision-making, providing a flexible framework for integrating both probabilistic risk information and deterministic/qualitative considerations. PARAGON software provides a complete tool-set for risk-informed configuration risk management and other risk-informed decisions.

PARAGON® Software capabilities, include:

Overall Results:

  • Overall plant status
  • Aggregate configuration guidance
  • Quantitative risk results
  • Qualitative risk results, i.e., decision trees
  • Tracing and navigation of bases for overall results
  • Significant plant conditions (high-risk evolutions or operating conditions)
  • Status of key plant trains and components (available/unavailable)

Probabilistic Risk Assessment (PRA) Results:

  • Risk-informed completion times
  • Remain-in-service priorities
  • Return-to-service priorities
  • Cumulative risk profiles
  • Cumulative risk limit displays and reports (NOED and SDP) reports
  • Instantaneous risk profiles
  • Initiator/Hazard contributions
  • Rule-based contributors (key human actions, functional contributors)
  • Seamless integration with a variety of PRA software platforms

Deterministic Results:

  • Safety Function defense-in-depth
  • Technical specification defense-in-depth
  • Deterministic remain-in-service priorities
  • Deterministic return-to-service priorities
  • Event mitigation defense-in-depth
  • Seamless connectivity to scheduling programs using the PARAGON Program Interface

The PARAGON software design is based on JENSEN HUGHES’ extensive industry expertise in configuration management. PARAGON software’s client server-based design facilitates technically sound risk management decisions across the organization.

PARAGON® UI Screenshots

PARAGON Scheduler

PARAGON Software Schedule, Status, Risk Combined View

PARAGON software

PARAGON Software Operator View

PARAGON software

PARAGON Software Automated Link to PRA Models

PARAGON Decision

PARAGON Software Decision Tree Analysis

PARAGON Fault Tree Dependencies

PARAGON Software Fault Tree Dependencies

PARAGON screenshots

PARAGON Software Remain In Service, Return to Service

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