The Plant Data Management System (PDMS) is an analytical database that is used to manage and analyze engineering, maintenance, construction, and surveillance activities on the facility’s electrical system. PDMS provides intuitive user interface that makes it easy to manage and control changes that are made to data that is as-built and in-design. It further analyzes the data to determine if the data meets customer design criteria.

PDMS features a continuously updating analysis system to ensure the highest quality as-built and in-design configurations. PDMS identifies where existing conditions, or proposed changes, conflict with the approved design criteria. This feature results in less dependency on personnel’s memory and technical knowledge. As new problems and potential conflicts are identified, pro-active and informed changes can be implemented to improve compliance with safety, constructability, quality, maintenance, operational, standards, specifications, and procedures.

The following list represents just a small subset of the analyses that PDMS can perform:

  • Voltage Drop
  • NEC Fill
  • Voltage Level
  • Conduit Sizing
  • Continuity
  • Circuit Protection
  • Separation Group
  • Fire Safety and Combustible Load
  • Weight/Foot and BTU/Foot
  • Cable Derating and Ampacity


  • Design Change Document Module
    • Engineering Change database for all PDMS work
    • Document Module
      • Plant reference material repository
    • Reference Module
      • Library for component details
    • Component Module
      • Generate/modify new components or component types
    • Installation Module
      • Tracks the status of install settings during design, construction, and closeout


  • Cable Derating Module
    • Thermal analysis for derating cable/trays
  • Cable Aging Module
    • Aging management for power cables
  • Export/Import Module
    • Data transfer to/from PDMS
  • SSD/PRA Modules
  • Safe Shutdown/Fire Probabilistic Risk Assessment

Use the image slider below to see screenshots of the Plant Data Management System (PDMS) software user interface:

PDMS analysis engine

PDMS Analysis Engine

PDMS component report

PDMS Component Report

PDMS component search results

PDMS Component Search Results

PDMS inline edit screen

PDMS Inline Edit Screen

PDMS Japanese translations

PDMS Japanese Translations

PDMS export to excel report

PDMS Export to Excel Report

PDMS report

PDMS Report

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