JENSEN HUGHES Academy provides web-based fire and electrical safety training to learners throughout the world, distributed through our partnerships with the nation’s premier fire protection organizations as well as through direct sales to corporations and government agencies.

Our fire and electrical safety training library provides unmatched coverage of the field. The courses are written by noted experts in fire protection codes and standards who also have extensive hands on experience. The result is high-impact courses designed for professional engineers and technicians who require training on demand, delivered in a straightforward but engaging presentation.

As a division of JENSEN HUGHES, Inc., we are proud of our affiliation with some of the world’s foremost fire protection professionals. The staff at JENSEN HUGHES consists of an internationally renowned group of nearly 1,100 engineers, scientists, and computer programmers, as well as trainers and other specialists, who are among the best in their fields. The expertise of the JENSEN HUGHES team provides the core of JENSEN HUGHES Academy’s fire and electrical safety training.

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