Does your staff know how to test a fire alarm system?

The fire alarm in a building is said to be only as good as the last time it was tested.  This may well be true, but a good program for inspecting, maintaining and testing a fire alarm system will insure that the fire alarm system will function as intended.  JENSEN HUGHES develops fire alarm inspection, training, and maintenance (ITM) programs in response to the industry’s needs.  We employ some of the leading experts in the fire alarm industry who have given their technical expertise to these programs.

Custom Fire Alarm ITM Courses

JENSEN HUGHES has developed training courses for numerous clients including the FAA and private sector clients. Courses can be custom tailored to meet each client’s needs and range from web based on line courses (See Next Knowledge), to site or facility specific (we come to you), or trainer/simulator panel based.

Custom Fire Alarm Training Panel

Picture_Section 1 - Services_Training_Manual Pull StationJENSEN HUGHES has developed, design, and manufactured fire alarm system training simulators for the FAA and other clients. These panels can be custom designed, tailored, and built for a specific end-user. Fire alarm system training panels of this type allow a fire alarm inspection, testing, maintenance and troubleshooting course to be developed and tailored to your needs.

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