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Marcia K. Thompson

Chief Diversity, Equity + Inclusion Officer

Marcia is an attorney and brings over 20 years of experience working in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) across industries and with various levels within those to include Fortune 500 companies, chief and senior executives, financial institutions, universities, not-for-profit, faith-based and within the public-sector. She started her career working for the Department of Justice (DOJ), where she realized her passion for DEI. During her tenure there she was trained in policy review, consensus building, mediation, and civil rights protections in the workplace and became a volunteer EEO counselor. She worked in that capacity while attending law school and took additional courses to support her interests in DEI at that time. Marcia also created a diversity recruitment initiative while working at DOJ within her agency to assist with creating access to and diversifying one of the core positions. The program’s success won her an award and changed the way recruitment was conducted.

Upon graduating from law school, she continued her work in DEI as a consultant and attorney advising on how to create respectful, engaging and inclusive workplaces. She worked to assist with employee belonging, engagement, organizational development and change management initiatives across various enterprises. She has developed customized training and curriculum on DEI topics, taught for years as a social justice professor and often served as a curriculum reviewer for other entities to minimize unintended bias, or civil rights concerns on how those materials were presented. She is a certified mediator, and an executive coach and has worked with corporate, and public agencies to resolve matters in the workplace that had a nexus with inequitable treatment based upon race, gender, disability and other protections.

Marcia has served as general counsel for a diverse international organization and provided guidance on a gamut of DEI matters. She has served on Boards and Committees for years committed to ethics, civil rights and equity in the workplace and has helped to develop internal strategies, national policies, and procedures for recruitment, hiring, retention, and mechanisms for building diverse, inclusive and equitable organizations. She also served as an Ombudsperson on Capitol Hill and collaborated with human resources, legal, compliance, and organizational leaders across the Capitol to address and resolve concerns with policies, process, and procedures, often overlapping with perceptions of unfair and inequitable treatment.

Marcia has also served as an EEOC certified workplace investigator and has conducted fact finding on administrative matters, she has also served as a federal hearing officer within the Department of Justice. Marcia is trained in and has taught others how to conduct impact and analysis of equity concerns while helping to create strategies and policies for utilizing metrics and benchmarking for increasing diversity in the workplace. She has also served as a keynote speaker and often speaks at national conferences on DEI related topics.

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