A Deep Understanding of Geology, geometry and groundwater

Understanding the ‘three G’s’ of geotechnical engineering – geology, geometry and groundwater – is critical to our analysis. Working closely with our multidisciplinary forensics team, we partner with owners and insurers in all industries to deliver detailed and actionable reports on geotechnical failures. Our areas of expertise include mining, energy and natural resources and include incident investigation, remediation plan development & cost assessments.

Geotechnical Failure Services

Our world-renowned geotechnical engineers and consultants provide a wide range of services covering shallow & deep foundations, gravity & reinforced retaining walls, open cut & shored excavations, natural & manmade slopes, tunneling, underground mining, trenchless excavation, buried infrastructure, water resource dams, mining tailings dams, groundwater and surface water.

Focus on Geotechnical Engineering

Grounded in science, actionable reports


Our geotechnical engineers and consultants have been retained worldwide to provide expert testimony.


Tireless investigate of all geotechnical aspects, no matter how complex.


Our clear comprehensive geotechnical reports allow you to remediate immediately.


All our geotechnical engineering services and analysis are grounded in the sound application of science.