Joseph D. Skaggs


Senior Metallurgical / Materials Engineer

Areas of Expertise

Failure Analysis
Electrical Systems
Consumer Products
Materials, Metallurgy + Corrosion Analysis

Joseph Skaggs, PE is a Senior Metallurgical/Materials Engineer who specializes in failure analysis, engineering analysis, and design review. He conducts analysis involving overloading, fracture, fatigue, corrosion, water intrusion, fire origin and cause, and related failure mechanisms. He is experienced with materials including metals, plastics, composites, ceramics, concrete and asphalt. Mr. Skagg's casework experience involves plumbing and fire protection system failures, construction defects, mechanical equipment, electrical controls, weld failures, premises liability assessments and automotive component failures. He is knowledgeable about welding and joining processes, materials selection and usage, light and electron microscopy, materials characterization, internal ballistics and mathematical modeling, including computational fluid dynamic models of fire dynamics. He is also a CXLT-certified Tribometrist and a member of the ASTM F13 Committee on pedestrian walking, safety and footwear.

Education / Certifications
  • MS, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering, Colorado School of Mine
  • Registered PE: CO, WY
  • Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator, NAFI
  • Investigation of Gas and Electric Appliance Fires, Fire Findings Laboratory
  • Commercial Vehicle Braking Systems, SAE International

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