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Richard Rice



Areas of Expertise

Code Review + Compliance
Water Intrusion
Materials Analysis
Building Envelope Investigation
Structural Failure Analysis
Catastrophe Response
Foundation Collapse
ADA + Accessibility Codes
Building Damage Assessment, Construction Defect + Remediation Design
Drone Investigation
Construction Defect + Cost Analysis
Building, Fire + Life Safety Codes

Atlanta - GA

Richard Rice is a Senior Civil/Structural Forensic Engineer experienced in consulting for civil and structural forensic engineering projects throughout the US and Mexico. His work includes civil and structural design of public and private structures, the evaluation and design of concrete and asphalt pavement projects, hydrology and sewer studies and construction cost estimating.

His forensic engineering expertise and courtroom expert testimony have been applied to an extensive list of material failures and incidents such as wood and concrete deck collapses, roof damage evaluations, excavation failures, traffic accident reconstruction, construction incidents, geotechnical and subsurface investigations, mold source evaluation, water damage source evaluation, and structural damage inspections.

He has an intimate knowledge of OSHA worksite regulations and the various national building codes and standards for industrial, commercial and residential structures.

Education / Certifications
  • MS, Management of Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University
  • BS, Civil Engineering, Kennesaw State University
  • BS, Civil Engineering Technology, Southern Polytechnic State University
  • Certified PE
  • Certified SE
  • Certified DFE

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