Whether you are designing a laboratory, research or industrial facility, HazAdvisr can help you design a safe and compliant facility. To ensure lab safety and regulatory compliance, you need to accurately track and manage your chemicals and hazardous materials on an ongoing basis. With HazAdvisr, you can save time on your chemical classification and reduce risk from your hazardous chemicals.

Classifying your chemicals has never been easier

Chemical Classification + Design Solution

The task of documenting and verifying the hazardous material inventory can be a daunting task. You need to understand the nature of hazardous chemicals stored in a facility and ensure that your project is properly designed for the risks those chemicals can create.

With our interactive inventory tools, we’re making it easier for your design and construction projects to achieve compliance than ever before. Quickly categorize chemical hazards and apply them to your project to reach compliance faster so you can focus on your priority – design.