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A Fortune 100 enterprise with one of the world's best workplace violence prevention programs required a proactive assessment of its program. As part of its commitment to maintaining best practices, the company continuously reviews, validates and refines its workplace violence prevention program to help keep its employees and offices safe.

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The Problem

Over the past decade, a Fortune 100 company ranked annually as one of "Best Places to Work" has become increasingly proactive about preventing workplace violence. Recognizing that addressing the risks of workplace violence is good business, it has not waited for an incident in-house, within the industry or "up the street" at another business to galvanize management. We've been providing security risk management services to this entity for nearly 20 years and have helped guide its management, culture and operations in preventing workplace violence. "We know we're doing the right things to keep our people safe," one of its leaders said. "We also know that best practices in workplace violence continue to evolve – and that integration across our people, processes and technologies is a complex balance that needs to be maintained regularly over time. Please help us validate what we're doing well and identify where we need to tighten up to prevent violence.

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The Solution

Jensen Hughes conducted a comprehensive workplace violence prevention program assessment. We examined all facets of any best-in-class integrated prevention capability. This included focusing on critical factors, including early identification and response to low-level behaviors of concern and building a "culture of safety" that encourages employee reporting of troubling behaviors when they emerge rather than waiting until they escalate. We also evaluated the company's threat assessment team (TAT) composition, policies and coordination to ensure consistent intervention. Finally, we continue to support ongoing training for the general workforce, managers and TAT members, which continues to reinforce management focus and support.

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The Results

At the outset of this proactive assessment, this company had one of the best workplace violence prevention programs in the world. Today, it still does in great measure because it doesn't "set, forget and regret." Instead, it continuously reviews, validates and refines its approach to keeping its people and offices safe, wherever they are in the world.

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