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A police department required a staffing analysis to determine whether its officers possessed the skills and preparation necessary to deliver expected service levels and meet the challenges of policing circumstances.

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The Problem

This infrastructure system’s police department was responsible for safety and security outcomes across both law enforcement and security disciplines. His principal concern was whether his force of several hundred officers was sufficient to deliver on their mission: preventing disorder, deterring terrorist threats, maintaining a generally crime-free environment, and increasing customer and employee confidence in the safety and security of the system. “Help me determine to what extent these officers possess the skills and preparation needed to meet current and future challenges of policing circumstances,” he asked. “Especially within the context of large metropolitan areas and rural communities.”

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The Solution

The Jensen Hughes team conducted a far-reaching staffing study that evaluated multiple areas. One included agency positions in areas such as management, criminal investigations, local liaison, field activities, support operations, intelligence and crime analysis. Other areas involved calls for service workloads, workforce planning processes, resource allocation and the decentralization of key activities, such as recruitment, hiring, training and coordination.

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The Results

We found that the police department needed to increase its staffing by nearly 20% to provide the service levels it was expected to deliver. It also needed to broaden officer training to include guidance on building trust and legitimacy with the public. In addition, Jensen Hughes advised the client to improve officer wellness and safety programs, merge a poorly performing unit into better-managed divisions, and take action across a number of fronts to elevate its police presence, in order to boost stakeholder confidence in their security and safety and help lower the risks of crime in high-risk regions.

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