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Frustrated by multiple failed attempts to align security designs with their preferences and expectations, a financial services enterprise expanding its new office construction footprint needed to uncover the root causes of process failures and inefficiencies to get the project back on track.

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The Problem

This enterprise’s in-house real estate team had been trying for several years to accelerate an office expansion project. Their frustrations had been mounting as, time after time, the drawings presented to them by their original external security design team failed to align with and reflect their preferences and expectations. A new team was assigned all design duties, and its project leader set about to uncover the root causes of the process failures and inefficiencies in order to get the project back on track.

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The Solution

“Almost immediately,” explained the project lead, “I could tell that the original vendor team had approached this engagement as driven principally by codes and regulations – such as electrical designs or fire alarm specs – which are not subject to client wishes, rather than as a far less compliance-constrained initiative with a lot of room to capture the client’s desires.” That proved to be an accurate diagnosis. “We took a different approach,” the project lead continued. “Right off the bat, we engaged in regular client reviews of draft drawings that resulted in much better communication, a learning on our side of the client’s goals, and an opportunity to educate and inform them on where we could and couldn’t accommodate their priorities.”

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The Results

The joint client-vendor teams started to hum. Scoping meetings drove design and analysis. Reviews resulted in rapid draft corrections and faster client approvals. “This is working,” the client’s point of contact confirmed. “It’s working really well. In fact, we want you to help us with a new project kicking off next month.”

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