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A Fortune-ranked international enterprise commissioned Jensen Hughes to conduct open-source intelligence (OSINT) and threat monitoring to identify safety concerns, negative information, and threats that could impact its employees, leaders, or corporate operations.

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The Problem

As the United States turned its attention in early January 2021 to Congress’s certification of the prior year’s presidential election, some companies were actively posting online in favor of one side or another in the raucous exchanges before and after the events of January 6. The executive team leading this particular Fortune-ranked international enterprise grew concerned about threats to themselves, their employees, and their corporate operations and interests and commissioned Jensen Hughes to conduct daily open source intelligence (OSINT) and threat monitoring services.

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The Solution

Jensen Hughes immediately initiated monitoring, research and analysis of social media activity referencing the company’s name as well as its six top executives to identify safety concerns, negative information, and threats with the potential to affect the company or its leaders. Every day, our OSINT team monitored geotagged posts from the area near the company’s headquarters for threats, potential threats and protest activity. We also monitored posts about the company and its executives on social media, blogs, and forums for threats, potential threats, and unusual or inappropriate attention from people or groups of interest who have targeted the company in the past. In particular, we searched for the most frequently used words for queries related to physical threats, legal threats, allegations and other expletives, protest actions or campaigns, and information security and cyberattacks.

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The Results

Throughout this fraught period of national dissent, this company was proactively able to identify, track, triage, intervene and avoid the most consequential threats to their leaders, employees and operations.

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