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A hedge fund manager needed a physical and technical security assessment to ensure he had the right systems in place to protect his home, private aircraft, and extensive collection of automobiles and motorcycles.

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The Problem

When you hear the term “hangar,” you expect to find at least one airplane inside – not row upon row of modern supercars, iconic classic automobiles and several one-of-a-kind motorcycles. “That’s the point,” the client said, “I want to be sure I’ve got the right security systems in place. Here and at home.”

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The Solution

Jensen Hughes began by conducting a physical and technical security assessment of the hangar, including access control, video surveillance systems, intrusion detection systems, duress alarms, fire and life safety systems, landscaping, sightlines, and backup power availability. Next, the team helped the client understand the pros and cons of various armored vehicles for both business and personal transport, depending on the client’s circumstances, and advised him on his purchase. We also conducted a security assessment of his private residence, which abutted a large wildlife sanctuary and public access land. The proximity of this location resulted in frequent incursions onto his land and raised the risks confronting his family and their home.

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The Results

This principal had already implemented many best-in-class security systems. We validated these while also pointing out where comparable measures and controls needed to be added to address critical gaps and vulnerabilities. It’s very difficult for a private homeowner to identify the full range of security-related threats they confront and how to integrate a comprehensive security capability based on the latest technologies and best practices. This client was pleased with the outcome of this engagement and has continued to depend on us for security assessment and guidance as his risk-related priorities and circumstances continue to evolve.

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