A Message From Nick Montgomery

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Oct 10, 2022

A Message From Nick Montgomery

With offices in nearly every corner of the globe, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do at Jensen Hughes, whether it be with colleagues, clients or the community. Collaboration improves the way we work with our teams, partners and clients to solve problems, creating more opportunities for innovation, efficient processes and improved communication. By listening to and learning from clients and team members, we can help each other reach our goals whilst making our communities safer places to live and work.

The combined skills of our forensic investigators and fire engineers, working under one roof, relying on each others’ strengths and assisting one another in a manner that is relatively unprecedented enables us to support clients on a wide variety of projects. For example, it flows naturally that the outcomes of successful fire investigations inform the decisions of fire engineers and the control measures which are necessary to prevent fires from recurring. This synergy ensures that the right expertise and the right people bring unrivalled experience to serve our clients’ needs, wherever they may be.

Over the last year, collaboration has been central to the growth we’ve achieved. Our new Screen Service has attracted new clients and reinvigorated existing relationships. The acquisition of L2 in Finland has extended the reach of our forensic team in Europe, providing us with an opportunity to support European partners in the claims and litigation process. And our acquisitions of Morris Goding Access Consulting (MGAC) — the preeminent pure-play accessibility code consulting firm in Australia — and Australia-based BCA Logic have expanded our rapidly growing global presence in Australia, helping to position the company exceptionally well for future expansion across Australia and New Zealand as well as globally.

The importance of engaging with partners is not lost on Jensen Hughes, and we are continually looking for new ways to offer support and work together to maximise recovery opportunities, reduce leakage and identify improvements in the way we manage risk. Specifically, the combined strength of our teams in Finland and the UK allows us to rapidly respond to client needs, bringing the technical excellence that enables our global partners to make the right decisions at the right time.

From corrosion and wear failures and new forensic technologies to subrogation and targeted audits, this issue of Forensics + Engineering in Focus highlights how collaboration and combining of expertise, techniques and methods can produce successful investigations and outcomes. It is an exciting time to be working with Jensen Hughes, and we are confident that the relationships between our fire engineers and investigators will enable us to provide the market leading capability to meet all our clients’ needs.

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