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The CEO and founder of a highly successful private equity fund engaged Jensen Hughes to perform a multi-layer review of the risks confronting his family and residences, firm and senior executive team.

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The Problem

Wealth attracts attention. When a man approached one of his immediate family members under suspicious circumstances, the CEO and founder of a highly successful private equity fund headquartered in the Southeast commissioned a multi-layer review of the risks confronting his family and residences, his firm, and all five members of his senior executive team. Given Jensen Hughes’ prior work for his firm and our reputation in security risk management, he engaged our services across multiple domains.

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The Solution

The Jensen Hughes team began by undertaking open-source intelligence and threat assessment monitoring for the CEO and his family members, including a deep dive on the dark web to identify any private or confidential information that had been compromised. This work led to the identification of a person of interest whose communications threatened harm to the CEO and, in short order, a behavioral threat assessment to evaluate whether this individual posed a risk for violence. In concurrent workstreams, our security experts completed a residential security assessment of the family’s primary home and second home on a Caribbean island and presented recommendations for security improvements. These were accepted and our team directed security enhancements and improvements to minimize overall risk. Our team then turned its attention to the CEO’s firm and conducted an independent security study of its executive protection program and capabilities in alignment with Title 26, Code of Federal Regulations, Treasury Regulation Section 1.132-5.

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The Results

This holistic, 360-degree review of the security-related risks surrounding this principal, his family and his business identified more than 50 opportunities to improve security, manage risk and streamline costs. The collateral benefit of the corporate independent security study shifted the cost of many protection-related measures to the company, based upon our validated risk analysis approach. Further, our client has the assurance of a holistic approach that keeps his family and business safe.

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