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A rapidly growing enterprise without minimum security standards, policies, or procedures required a security program and enterprise-wide security platform that was consistent with best practices and would allow for future expansion.

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The Problem

This company grew overnight. Almost literally. As management scrambled to scale, security became an immediate priority. “We don’t have minimum standards,” one of their leaders said. “We don’t have policies. Or procedures. We’ve got a few cameras in place and some access control. But some of these aren’t working. And none of them are integrated.”

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The Solution

The first phase of this extensive project focused on security design and establishing a common enterprise-wide security platform that could scale and expand in the future. Next, we developed a security master plan that outlined the organization’s security goals, strategies and policies with a special emphasis on physical, technical and operational security standards. Central to this phase was accurate needs assessment and information collection, driven in part by a security master planning workshop at the client’s headquarters. Key technical security topics included, for example: security systems hardware and software and its configuration, system lifecycle planning, audits, maintenance requirements, and security operations center design. Physical security topics included natural surveillance, pedestrian control point and territorial reinforcement. Operational policies addressed areas such as security management, emergency management planning, workplace violence prevention and response, training, metrics and key performance indicators, and security personnel procedures.

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The Results

Our joint teams are completing this planning work on schedule and to the client’s full satisfaction. We have now been engaged to complete Phase 3, which involves implementing the plan itself. When we are finished, the client will have a fully tailored security master plan that is consistent with industry best practices but will look, feel and operate as another carefully aligned element of their business model.

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