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In response to a threatening statement made against company leadership, a large consumer products company reached out to Jensen Hughes to perform an assessment of its workplace violence prevention capabilities across corporate departments.

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The Problem

In 2019, this company’s HR department was alerted to a threatening statement made against its leadership by an employee. Reaching out to Jensen Hughes, the company authorized an immediate threat consultation that evaluated the subject’s grievance and possible risk factors for committing an act of targeted violence, which resulted in a set of interventions that mitigated the risk. “That incident has convinced us we need to formalize our approach to workplace violence prevention,” a key spokesperson said. “How do we get started doing so?”

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The Solution

Jensen Hughes began conducting a corporate needs assessment of the client’s capabilities in workplace violence prevention across corporate departments, focusing on identifying strengths, resources and processes key to establishing a workplace violence prevention program. This included surveying a sample of the client’s personnel and reviewing existing workplace violence prevention policies. Recommendations and guidance were given on where and how these policies and procedures could be enhanced and improved. Next, we developed a workplace violence prevention plan including elements such as: mission, policies and funding priorities; the collection of “information of concern” from employees, managers and other key constituents; core operational practices and policies; reporting guidelines and awareness campaigns; and links to national associations and peer groups. Finally, we customized a workplace violence prevention training curriculum tailored to three distinct audiences – the general workforce, managers and supervisors, and threat assessment team members – and delivered the courses to these audiences in person and on-site.

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The Results

This company is now managing the risk of violence in their facilities worldwide on an end-to-end basis, from initial reporting of behaviors of concern through threat identification, assessment and intervention.

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