Building Science

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Jul 13, 2022

A deep understanding of all aspects of building design and construction, static and dynamic building systems, condition assessments and evaluation techniques, and materials science is required to determine root cause of failure and the proper remediation.

Getting you back to business safely is our top priority. Our multi-disciplinary team has expertise in all aspects of building performance, including Geotechnical, Civil, Structural, MEP, Fire Protection, Exterior Envelope, Façade and more. Having a panel of forensics experts assess your building after a loss or failure is key to expediting recovery efforts.

We provide you with root cause determination and tailor a cost-effective solution for your unique situation. Through the use of tools such as infrared and borescopic cameras, radar and 3D laser scanners, we provide quick and non-invasive examinations, while fiberscope snake-like video equipment is able to reach into pipes and hard-to-reach places.

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