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A major sports team deploys extended perimeter threat mitigation strategies.

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The Problem

The tragic shooting in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival, and the loss of 58 lives, seared the consciousness of a nation and cast a long shadow that touched the West Coast, where the owners and security heads responsible for the safety of a particular team’s home games and stadium started asking, “How do we make sure that can’t happen here?” Aware of our reputation for excellence in securing dozens of professional sports venues in North America, the team asked the firm for assistance.

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The Solution

Our multi-tiered approach began with an extended perimeter security survey — a tactical examination of the area surrounding the site to identify potential longrange threats and map the extended perimeter. This involved photographic exhibits identifying threats and vulnerabilities; geographical maps; building classification; threat site distance; tactical controls based on identifiable landmarks; observations; and security and law enforcement response protocols. Next, the firm’s experts translated insights from the survey into additional threat mitigation countermeasures and a cohesive plan. These deliverables included law enforcement Action Plans; crisis response protocols; grid-mapping for stadium and law enforcement use and printing display; and a Concept of Operations guidebook.

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The Results

This initiative significantly expanded the protective tactics and tools used by this particular team and the stadium’s security personnel — not just for one game or one season, but for many years ahead. Some of the information will need continuous updating and verification for accuracy but the baseline countermeasures are in place. As a result, these capabilities have materially improved the team’s overall security risk management.

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