Fire Protection Engineering

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Jul 14, 2022

Protecting what matters through fire protection engineering

Having the appropriate fire protection systems installed and functioning properly is the first line of defense in protecting property, employees, tenants and customers from fire or smoke events.

We apply our extensive science and engineering knowledge in designing fire protection, suppression and life safety systems that allow you to keep your assets and users safe while meeting project requirements such as aesthetics, functionality and budget.

How we help our clients:

+ Performance-based solutions properly balanced to achieve the design vision
and meet code compliance

+ Innovative fire prevention, suppression and life safety systems on complex
and challenging projects which meet compliance and budgetary requirements

+ Broad range of engineering disciplines, as well as human behavior, chemistry,
and physics, to develop customized and comprehensive fire safety solutions

+ In-house laboratory facilities that can efficiently test and evaluate variables
to provide clients with solutions that consider a wide range of scenarios

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