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A Middle East nation required the most advanced, unique and intelligent fire and life safety systems for the world’s first ultra-modern, fully sustainable, “cognitive” metropolis.

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The Problem

For several years, select Middle Eastern nations have been building ultra- modern cities in the desert, leveraging cutting edge technologies, international teams and billions in national assets. One of them has embarked on a massive initiative to reimagine what a fully sustainable city will look like in 20 to 30 years - the world’s first “cognitive” metropolis where world-class technology is fueled with data and intelligence, urbanization is kept to a minimum, and nature is preserved. Jensen Hughes was selected as a global engineering powerhouse to design and implement a Loss Prevention and Fire Safety Department unlike any other in the world.

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The Solution

Over a few weeks, we stood up a large team on the ground at the desert project site, supported remotely from North America, Europe and Asia by on-demand experts in far more disciplines than most other firms can provide. As part of the program development stage, we are defining the department’s vision, objectives, risk register and governance while also projecting detailed master plans for all facets of health and safety, emergency response planning, business continuity, fire station design, and sustainable fire prevention and response under unique conditions. We authored an occupational safety and health manual and are now developing safety standards and procedures for both construction sites as well as end-state, post-completion operations under multiple conditions, scenarios and environments.

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The Results

Innovation is about thinking in new ways and shaping a new world. Standing up an ultra-modern city from scratch will take years and require extraordinary coordination of teams, plans and resources. Upon completion, its nation-state sponsors expect to define a new world standard in how people can live, work and prosper in a sustainable, zero-carbon metropolis. It’s our job to make sure people are safe and secure and that the fire, health, and safety systems needed to deliver that assurance are resilient for decades to come.

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