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Exponential Growth

A Fortune 500 company seeks guidance on security measures after a series of expansive mergers and a few threatening calls.
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The Problem

This large company was accustomed to working in challenging and high-threat environments, but when several mergers and acquisitions expanded their global footprint, the risks were heightened. The situation was compounded by continued threats against the company and its executives from people who disagreed with the organization’s operations. Leadership needed to start taking executive protection seriously. They needed a solution, and they needed it fast.

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The Solution

We conducted an in-depth security and threat assessment for the global security department, including an analysis of the security and safety needs for the CEO and other leaders. It was the first such assessment the company had undergone since it experienced exponential growth several years before.

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The Results

Armed with the results of our assessment, the company’s global security team developed and implemented a best-in-class, risk-based and proactive executive security program. The CEO and members of the executive team found peace of mind, and the company continues to grow, as does the executive protection team.