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Growing Company, Growing Threats

A restaurant industry leader ensures the company headquarters and chairman’s home are equally protected.

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The Problem

As the small, regional restaurant chain franchised nationally, its outspoken and charismatic chairman started receiving threats and finding derogatory social media posts directed at him. The head of the chairman’s security team reached out to us to review the company’s security operations and to help them strengthen their executive protection.

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The Solution

Our Security Risk Management and Threat + Violence Risk Management teams worked together on a threat assessment of the chairman’s risk exposure. They examined the security program at the headquarters and at the chairman’s residence. Among their key findings, they determined that the headquarters security systems had many unused features, which limited their effectiveness.

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The Results

After identifying this and other shortfalls and recommending improvements, the chairman initiated a plan to maximize security at the headquarters and his residence. The entire workforce is now safer. Although threats to the chairman’s personal safety instigated our initial review, the enhancements we recommended translated into increased safety and security for the entire workforce.

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