Life Safety Code® Assessments

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Jul 13, 2022

As your partner in Achieving + Maintaining Code Compliance, we will:

+ Provide high-level technical consulting and web-based management tools to help you assess your compliance with the Life Safety Code®

+ Understand unique interpretations and exceptions; we utilize our expertise in Life Safety Code and other healthcare-related codes and standards

+ Ensure that all cost-effective measures are taken

+ Help you develop equivalencies to meet prescriptive code requirements when your facilities are inherently safe

+ Advocate for you in the event of life safety citations stemming from code misinterpretations or fictitious code requirements

+ Develop customized facility and department-specific fire procedures

+ Support you in being in a continual state of survey-readiness

+ Provide training for smoke awareness, fire suppression, and evacuation

+ Reinforce the understanding that code compliance will effectively protect people during a fire

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