Physical + Technical Security Assessment

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Apr 17, 2023

Physical and technical security are important security priorities for any entity or facility. Large businesses often integrate these into a broader approach to security operations. But even if smaller organizations or stand-alone venues don’t have a formal security program, they still depend on physical and technical security every day to manage risks to their personnel, operations, performance and even reputation.

A security assessment can tell you how to protect employees and visitors best. Security experts conduct several types of these assessments, such as:

  • Physical and Technical Security Assessments
  • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Assessments
  • Physical Penetration Tests
  • Security operations assessments, including effectiveness of guard services

Now is the best time to look at resiliency planning to improve or learn from current actions and prepare for the future and different types of circumstances, like the impact of a cyber event on physical and security operations. It will provide you with the foundation to accurately develop recovery plans and implement action plans to minimize impact on your employees and business operations.

Overwhelmed? We’re Here to Help.

By engaging a security consultant now in performing these assessments will provide employers with a road map of what's needed to be done to ensure a safe and secure operating environment for employees. Learn more about our security risk management services here.

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