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Guarding Against Another Tragedy

After a fatal active shooter attack, a professional services leader prioritizes security risk management.
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The Problem

Just minutes after an active shooter entered the office of a professional services firm, four employees died. Responding officers killed the gunman, but the firm’s leaders needed assistance addressing the tragedy and their workforce’s inevitable trauma. They called us to develop security risk management practices that would help their employees feel safe again.

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The Solution

During the next several months, the executive asked us to design and implement a range of services and support, including an independent assessment of the headquarters’ security operations, a physical and technical security assessment of the data centers, and an evaluation of the firm’s in-house risk assessment tools and methodologies.

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The Results

Of course, the entire company still feels the emotional impacts of the event. But the company’s security posture is now dramatically different, and we continue to help them strengthen and expand their security risk management across the enterprise.