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Jun 29, 2022

Privacy + security settings exist for a reason.

Learn about and use the privacy and security settings on all the social media networks you use. These built-in tools help control the type of information you share and who you allow to see it. Lock down the strictest privacy settings available on any personal or non-work-related internet or social media profiles.

Once posted, always posted.

Assume that anything or anyone you share, like, comment on, connect with or follow will be on the record – indefinitely. Think twice before posting pictures or sharing content that might negatively impact you or your family’s reputation.

Your online reputation can be a good thing.

Your online presence and posts are increasingly powerful as the influence
and reach of social media continues to grow. Make a good impression.
Show thoughtfulness and respect to others in your circles and in the global
social media environment. A strong, positive personal brand is critical today.

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